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Just down the street from the Snydersville Diner! 
11-6 pm daily, closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays


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  1. Hello Stina:
    Awhile back I had emailed you to see if you would be interested in putting some of my art in your shop. My name is Terri Kosinski. And the type of art I do is called, "Pique' Assiette" similar to Mosaics. I live right around the corner from your shop on Pensyl Creek Rd. My art is fun and coorful and practical as well as affordable. My husband and I are going to stop by your store this Sunday. We only have one car and he works part-time everyday and by the time he gets home your store is closed. If you would like to see my art I know you will love it. Talk soon....Terri can email me if you like at: